Friday, 4 December 2015

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

How to Assign the Finest Carpet Cleaner 
From the desk of: Peter Scott

In my 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry, I have personally seen abundant customers who don’t have any idea about assigning the finest carpet cleaner for their domestic and commercial carpets. This article is for all those out there who are looking for professional guidance and an experienced advice about choosing the best carpet cleaner. 

Let’s learn the most important thing first – don’t judge a carpet cleaning company JUST by the price quoted by it. Some of it might charge a decent price and others might give you a really cheap price. So don’t go with the cheaper quote just for the sake of saving money. 

Here I list five basic questions that you should ask a company before giving them the responsibility of cleaning your precious carpets: 
  1. Will I be given any guarantee for the service I am paying for?
  2. Are you an insured company?
  3. Do you hold membership of any leading association of the industry?
  4. Give me reasons to hire you! 
  5. Can you show me your license and certificates that make you eligible to do carpet cleaning? 
You will most probably get positive and impressive replies to all these questions for most of the companies but don’t trust on what you hear; but on what you SEE! Ask for written proofs for any of the above mentioned things before you give your trust to any carpet cleaner. 

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Secrets of Carpet Cleaning Companies 
After an intense research done by me over a period of around 8 months, I have got in touch with various carpet cleaning companies; either through phone calls or one to one conversations. And as a result of this research I have been able to find out the dirty tricks played by these companies to trap more customers and make money out of them. Here are some of the common ones: 

1. Cheap Quotation: Most often you get such a cheap quotation that you don’t care to ask any more questions. Stay alert from unbelievable prices as this is the first step to trick you  

2. Pseudo-Certified Cleaners: In the name of certified cleaners, you will receive cleaners who are so called certified and licensed but forget to bring their legal documents to prove their words. Ask for ID proof – always! 

3. Verbal Guarantee: Verbal guarantee is another trick to hook the customer. They promise you all sorts of things but don’t give any guarantee. Don’t fall for such a company. 

4. Lots of Lies: Similarly carpet cleaning companies use infinite lies to convince a customer that they provide the best carpet cleaning. However, stay alert and choose wisely.  

The cleaning industry is an un-regulated one which is why so many businesses are up and running 
even after fooling around with thousands of customers. Don’t let yourself be cheated by these companies and keep all the information provided above in mind when choosing the finest carpet cleaner!  

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