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Duct Cleaning Melbourne

How to Choose the Best Duct Cleaner
From the desk of: Richard Bennett 

Just like your carpets your ducts also need regular professional cleaning. Your cooling and heating systems must be cleaned once before the season begins to ensure they work absolutely fine throughout the season and keep your environment safe and healthy. But how can you choose the best duct cleaner in Melbourne if you do not have any knowledge about it? Well, being a former licensed and certified duct cleaner I am writing this article to help you find the most professional duct cleaning company.  

With over 15 years of experience I here share my experience and knowledge to write down some basic guidelines that you need to know to find the right kind of duct cleaner for your ducts. 
Some of the fundamental questions that you need to ask a duct cleaning company before you hire them for your expensive ducts: 
  1. What is the industry experience of the duct cleaning company?
  2. Does the company have membership of NADCA?
  3. Can the company provide feedback from their customers? 
  4. Will the company give written guarantee for duct cleaning? 
  5. Does the company provide complete cleaning of the ducts?
  6. Is the company insured?
Duct cleaning companies will try to entice you with all sorts of answers to these questions but you should not trust them blindly. Ask for written proofs for anything you get to hear from any such company.

Many people ask my personal opinion regarding the best duct cleaner. With my intense experience in this field, without any doubt I recommend Deluxe Duct Cleaning. I have personally had conversations with this company to expose their cleaning strategies, principles, and their professionalism. 
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Exposing Hidden Truths of Duct Cleaning Companies 

Anyone looking for the best duct cleaning company must read this very cautiously: 

1. Common Rip-Offs of Duct Cleaners
Even leading duct cleaning companies play nice rip-offs to attract customers to avail their duct cleaning services. You might see attractive advertisements and pamphlets with a deal of complete cleaning at the lowest possible quote. But once they get into your house you will be given a big list of additional charges for almost everything that you would have expected from a complete duct cleaning. 

2. Daily Deals 
You might get fascinated by exclusive daily deals offered by some duct cleaning companies but don’t fall for this. The core thing is to ensure that you don’t end up paying more than what you plan to spend for duct leaning. 

3. Certified Cleaners 
When looking for genuine and professional duct cleaning, you should always find certified cleaners. Certified and licensed cleaners have the expertise to do justice with your ducts in the finest and safest possible way. 

4. Written Guarantee
Do not ever hire a duct cleaning company that does not offer written guarantee for their services. Verbal guarantee has no value unless you have got it in writing. So be careful in choosing the right duct cleaner for your domestic and commercial ducts. 

Before you pick up a duct cleaner, it is essential to ask how they deal with unsatisfied customers and how they make up for an unsatisfactory duct cleaning service. Get all these facts straight and then only make a wise decision of choosing a duct cleaning company! 

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